A World Placed In Chaos By The Holy Order, Will You Stand And Fight For Your World? Or Will You Join The Order
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 Eridous Reveck

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PostSubject: Eridous Reveck   Thu May 09, 2013 7:20 am

Name: Eridous Reveck

Alias: None

Birthday/ Age: January 31th, 30years old.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight


God like State(Able to use his Blood magic):
Eye Color: Sky blue.

Hair Color: Blonde.

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 120

Personality: Eridous seems like most members of The Holy Order: Loyal, willing and deicated there causes and willing to do anything asked of him by who is higher ranking of him. But Eridous is not the person who appers to be infact Eridous is a person who manpulate anyone else he feels or needs to by any means, Craving power to the point of wanting to be a god and control over The Order believing he himself would be a better ruler then anyone who could rule.
Likes: Eridous as a person like abit of things such as being the way he is being able to cover up his track of lies perfectly and with out no one noticing, He also enjoys alot of fine food and can be seen a personal table eating when not in missions.

Dislikes and Fears: He dislikes being figured out, out done and having to flee because he screwed up a plan. He also minorly fears what could happend when the leaders of the Order figure out what he had been doing and what he plans to do.

Abilities: Eridous is a powerful long range caster mage his specialies in general elemental spells and a single Illision spell.

Strenghts: Distance gives Eridous the space he needs to cast his spells at a target and his single Illision spell gives him the change to keep that distance.

Weaknesses: If you you close the gap on Eridous if he is not the Illision you can easily kill when in normal state, in blood mage state he needs to find a way into it and to have the blood to use it.


Name: The Holy Order.

Rank: Unknown (Works for Raven.)

Tattoo: On his left side lower side.


Magic Type: Fire caster and Blood magic.

Spell Name:Fire ball.

Spell Effect: Basic fire ball that Eridous casts from his hand he uses normall to cast at person. most start mages are taught this spell.
Range: Medium
Spell rank: E

Spell Name: Pillar of Fire
Spell Effect: An area with start glowing a small circle of fire on it after a few moment it will blaze up in a 7 foot Pillar
Range: Long

Spell Name: Tital wave of Fire
Spell Effect: Point his hand plam out forward after a moment a wall of fire that acts like a tital wave crating a burning patch in its way.*Will dissapper one post after it is casted*

Hemomancer: Erious' Darkest secret that he uses what can be considered the evilest of all magic he is a blood mage able to use his own blood and anyone else blood as a weapon using attacks veriously he can also shift into blood to keep himself from harm or use others blood not only as a weapon but to stop them in place or enter some ones body. However to each this state Eridous need to acutally some how gain the power to be able to use this power for his ow current stat trying to use his blood magic would kill him.

Strenghts: He is a Fire mage keep up his hiddle secrets by look and his blood magic one of his strongest powers.

Weaknesses: He has a very small amount of fire spells. He needs to find a way to be able to enter his god like power state which is unknown to him. Very little blood around in his blood mage froum means he will have to cut himself open to use it. In his blood magic form he is not use his fire magic.


Eridous Revek was rasied and born in the villages of the Holy Order his mother and farther were large believers in the age of Nathaniel Cross believeing truely to rbing peace was from full take over of other lands. These beliefs and ideals grew on Eridous along with that Eridous at a young age had a strange power to be able to channel magic. Eridous' mother and farther believeing what they did seeked out people who would train him while learning magic spell form the Order Eridous often would leave in the night and learn from a blood mage in secret believeing it was better then any power but is unable to use it untill he finds a way to drain or gain more power then he already has. With that he grew more hungry for power with that he set out to a goal.

Eridous is current a mage of the Holy Order, hiding the how powerful he truely is from most people. He had caught a messanger of the high ranked member of the Order Raven seeing what she was ploting reather then give her up he in return asked if he could help Raven, not wanting to be found out and seeing what Eridous was said yes to his aid believing that Erious just is a really good serving mage then the other ones In truth he looks how to gain power.

Eridous' plan for the future is for him to actually backstab Raven and Mika believing in his own quest for power that he infact can rule the Order better then anyone else ever has while gaining his true powers that he considers to make him a god.
"I will be true leadership guiding The Order into the rightful place ruling over everything, Anyone against it will die for disobeying a god!" -Eridous Reveck.

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PostSubject: Re: Eridous Reveck   Thu May 09, 2013 1:06 pm

Hey there, i like the Character i think he will fit in well with the Holy order, i have a few key issues, however

this being

Your magic is a bit scattered, most people cant use more then one type of magic, and having Blood, fire and illusion is a bit too much, i think is you wanted to drop the illusion that would do you better, however if your pressistent on keeping all three you must take then down in power level meaning your S is an A , b is C C is D and so on. also, if your a fire mage, its likely a good idea and help to further role playing with Fire Manipulation as a E ability, so you can do things like light touches, Ect.

I would Also like to Add you in under the Round Table Summit as 5th.


~Fist of Balance~

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Posts : 97
Join date : 2010-12-18
Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: Eridous Reveck   Thu May 09, 2013 1:27 pm


~Fist of Balance~

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PostSubject: Re: Eridous Reveck   

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Eridous Reveck
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