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 Nikaru ~ King Kitten

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PostSubject: Nikaru ~ King Kitten   Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:10 am

Character Info

Name: Nikaru

Alias: King Kitten

Birthday/Age: 120, 8/7/X405

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi; his favorites are tough people who can protect him, and really obedient ones who will treat him like royalty.


Height: 4'11

Weight: 235lbs

Personality: Nikaru has been a ghost for well over a century, and as a result he doesn't have much connection left with people as a whole, and comes across as extremely immoral. People who get his attention in the lower regions of his house will often end up falling to his nasty tricks, and becoming another of his ghostly slaves. Though he's rarely malicious with what he does, he simply is completely and utterly selfish. If someone can beat him in a fight and get him at the low ground, they'll find that he's much more easy going, and even friendly, then he appears. The problem is that nine-tenths of the time they only get to see his bratty side. As his build suggests, Nikaru is a huge glutton and most his slaves have to make him snacks all day and night.

Likes: Food; especially cake, being pampered and waited on, Punishing trespassers, taking long naps.

Dislikes and Fears: Being treated as less then royalty, most vegetables, hot weather.


Home Territory-Nikaru feeds off of the energy of the Shadow Land, and his home in particular. His power is considered Rank S inside the Haunted House, Rank A in the Shadow Land as a whole, and Rank C outside it.

Psychopomp- Those who Nikaru defeats will become his ghostly servants.

Material Presence- While he can drop it to go incorporial if he needs to, Nikaru is generally as physical as a living creature. He even eats and sleeps, though has no physical need to.

Reformation- Nikaru is not easy to kill. Even if his spirit mass is fully destroyed, he'll slowly regenerate beneath the Haunted House over a period of a couple weeks. However he'll be trapped in his bedroom until someone opens the door from the outside. His servants can do this, but many pretend they can't hear him so as to get some time off.

Strengths: Extremely powerful in his territory, has a large number of minions, he's so cute that he's great at charming people.

Weaknesses: Rather slow, not particularly strong outside the Shadow Land, So selfish that he doesn't gain allies easily.


Name: N/A

Tattoo: N/A


Magic Type: He hasn't studied any magic, and instead makes use of abilities he developed since becoming a ghost.


Spell Name: Spectral Swords

Spell Effect: Nikaru summons up to three ghostly knights, who attack with a single slash of their blades before vanishing.


Spell Name: King's Throne

Spell Effect: Nikaru vanishes from sight and the area goes dark. After about fifteen seconds, Nikaru will drop back down several hundred feet tall to squash anything below him. After the impact he'll vanish and reappear at normal size. It's not as destructive as one would guess, it does serious damage but doesn't just flatten everything, and so there may be an illusion at work. Either way, if you know it's coming then it's rather easy to get out of the shadow and avoid it.


Spell Name: Spirit Tornado

Spell Effect: Nikaru raises his hand and a swirl of ghosts raise up around the target, attacking with a whirlwind of claws and blades.


Spell Name: Royal Vacuum

Spell Effect: Nikaru inhales and creates a powerful vortex. Whatever opponent he targets will be pulled into his mouth and stuck in his fat belly for a few minutes. They can deal a bit of damage to him from inside, but won't be able to do much. After about 5 minutes he'll spit them back out, often into another opponent. He can only hold one enemy in his belly at a time.


Spell Name: Ghostly Shield

Spell Effect: Nikaru taunts the opponents by making faces and slapping his rear at them as a wall of ghosts rise up to defend him. Projectiles will be unable to pass and opponents who try to break through will be pushed back and hit as if by a Spirit Tornado. However the defense is not perfect, and it's possible to break the wall with a big enough attack. Nikaru is also off guard behind the wall, and so will take heavy damage if you manage to get through.


Spell Name: Projectile Snack

Spell Effect: Nikaru inhales as in his Royal Vacuum, but to swallow a projectile attack or spell. The attack will harmlessly bounce around in his stomach, until he decides to spit it out at someone else. He can hold up to three projectiles at a time. If he swallows an opponent while they're in his stomach, the projectiles will be destroyed, but they'll also deal heavy damage to the target. He can't swallow projectiles while holding an opponent. Likewise he does have a limit, and sustained beams, for example, will overflow and blow him away in a huge explosion.


Spell Name: Kitty Charm

Spell Effect: Nikaru looks as cute and catlike as possible, charming the opponents to go easy on him, or even change sides for a bit!


Magic Seal: A blue ring with three smaller rings inside, the innermost 3rd of each removed to look like a crescent moon.

Strengths: A good mix of attack, defense, and utility, his vacuum abilities have a wide range of possible combos and uses.

Weaknesses: His attacks tend to be slow, and don't do much damage outside the Shadow Lands. He's also overconfident and might not use his stronger spells until it's too late.

Weapon Name: N/A

Magical Properties: N/A

Weapon Appearance: N/A

Weapon History: N/A


Nikaru is a ghostly catboy who resides within the Haunted House. He died over 100 years in the past at a very young age, it's unknown as to whether the causes were natural or related to the other ghosts in the house. Indeed, while many of the ghosts in it as his servants, several are quite a bit older, and even Nikaru doesn't know the full history of the strange house. Regardless, Nikaru first appeared in his undead state about 10 years after his death, and he's been a consist sighting ever since. He tends to stay in the lower basements of the house and has a very nice, and very pink, bedroom downstairs.

Nikaru is known for his gluttony and his love of long naps, and while he is awake his ghostly servants are usually preparing meals and snacks for him. Fortunately he sleeps a lot, and sometimes for weeks or monthes, on one occasion he napped for over 20 years. This also makes it harder to map out his history, as even those brave enough to enter the mansion rarely will find him awake. Not that this is a bad thing. Nikaru has become totally selfish over time, especially with all his servants treating him like the center of the universe, and he doesn't seem to understand that people may want anything but what he does. As such, those he catches will often soon become ghosts themselves.

Nikaru knows that thieves often make use of the mansion, and when he's awake he'll often punish them for intruding, and of course "recruit" them, however many of the criminals are totally unaware of him due to his tendancy to sleep so long, and the fact that he prefers the lower reaches of the house. And so it's more treasure hunters who are at risk of encountering him. Nikaru rarely leaves the house, and even rarer still the Shadow Land as a whole, however a few monthes ago he encountered a mercenary, currently working for the Holy Order. She was a tall blond woman who fought using a claymore, and Nikaru did his best but was quickly routed. He had no choice but to escape in incorporal form and lick his wounds. He also fell head over heels for her, and spent quite a while searching. He never did find the mercenary, but the act of looking made it somewhat more common for him to leave home. Of course he poses as an ordinary catboy whenever away from the house, though he'll still often refer to himself as royalty, even if he doesn't specify from where.
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PostSubject: Re: Nikaru ~ King Kitten   Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:19 pm

Very Thorough and creative. On behalf of the rest of my admin team I welcome you to the site and look forward to roleplaying with you.

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Nikaru ~ King Kitten
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