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 Sallvane Hasting ( not finished )

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PostSubject: Sallvane Hasting ( not finished )   Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:18 pm

Name:Sallvane hasting

Alias: Nickname

Birthday/ Age:15 X510

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Striaght


Height: 5' and 6''

Weight: 140lbs

Personality: tends to stay in areas that make him feel comfortable, usually in areas towards the north or snow covered has little problems with people but doesnt usually go out of his way to meet them.

Likes: he likes cold and wet weather just because he feels calmer.

Dislikes and Fears: extrame heat and drought

Abilities: Ice crafting = can foces water, snow, ice or the combanition of the three to craft any object or a weapon of ice strong enough to cut steel. The primary weapon he crafts is his sword.

Strenghts: cold and or damp condistions.

Weaknesses: barron dry lands or areas.


Name: Of guild

Tattoo: left forarm

Keep how strong your magic is in reason, and try to have no more than 5-8 spells it just gets complicated if you have to many. pretty much tell us your strongest spells.

Magic Type: Ice Manipulation

Spell Name: Frost Formation

Spell Effect: Rips water (or snow or ice) from the air or ground to craft a weapon or object of his choose as long as he can pull enough mosture.
( if there is little mosture he could use them as throwing weapons or if there is alot he could change the area [ massive raining plain to a blizzarding wasteland tho the bigger the spell the more mana it uses])

Spell Name: Last resort

Spell Effect: shifts control oh the pactmakers body to the spirit allowing it to use the body as it sees fit and the body takes on the physical form of the spirit.( at this point all the spirits ablilities are use able but perlonged use takes a toll on sallvanes body)

Spell Name: Titins Cage

Spell Effect: forms a spiked cage around something( can be srunk but only in Last resort ) [not yet useable]

Spell Name: Unlimited Frost Works

Spell Effect: changes the tarrain around Sallvane into a snow covered wasteland giving him unlimited snow to work with and drops the temp well below zero. ( last only a limited time outside Last resort) [not yet useable]

Magic Seal:
located on his right forarm

(click on the spoiler and it will show up, spoilers just keep everything more organized, feel free to use spoilers and yours, it is preferred when you have such big pictures for your character, if you happen to need help with spoilers just say so.)

Strenghts: lots of water, snow, or ice

Weaknesses: intese heat ( to a point where the water is vapourizing fast then he can collect it)

Weapon Name:Typhin

Magical Properties:tho it is made of ice it cannot be broken or mealted or stolen.

Weapon Appearance:

Weapon History: this sword was giving to Sallvane by an ice sprit as a result of a pact being made.

Sallvane was born to a poor fammily he new nothing of his father for he died before he was born and hes oldest brother had taken of years before.
He came in to this world knowing only the love of his mother and 2nd brother and lived a happy time with them but ashe got older his mother became
vary sick and Sallvane and his older brother took care of her and the home they had. there home was nothing big just a small house with just enought
room for the three of them.

tho a few years later everything changed. there little home was attacked be a band of theives. They killed his brother and mother and left him for dead
at the age of 13. But before he past to join hes fammily a being appeared to him and suddenly everything was still. the blizzard that had been howling
for hours with out end, even his home tho was still ablaze was quiet and unmoving.


The ice spirt picked up Sallvane and said that he had seen what had happened and wish he was able to step in but do to ancent law set down by the greater
spirt he could not. the spirt then whent on to tell sallvane that he is known as Typhin and that he could give him the power he would need to avenge his family
by forming a pact with Typhin but to form the pact may kill him and in his weakend state the chace of Sallvane living though the pact making process but if he
did he would be healed of his injuries and be able to seek his vengence.

Even after sallvane heard that making the pact had a good chance of killing him he made up his mind that he wanted Typhins help for with out it he was going to
die from his wounds. Making a pact is deadly at the best of times and Sallvanes chances did not look good. to make a pact with a spirt one must pirce there
heart with the spirts weapon. The weapon acts as a brige and the spirt would the live inside the pactmaker giving him the use of his powers but must learn to
use them, the pactmaker cannot just use all the spirts magic and ablities all at once they must be earned.

Sallvane took Typhins sword and plunged it though his heart and managed to survive the pact making fully healed and he had Typhins sword in hand. from inside
Sallvanes mind he could hear Typhin talking to him, but just to tell him about the sword in his hand and about its properties so he could use it, then said he will
only talk to him when he need Typhin the most.

After chasing down the theives that murdered his family he got his vengace and then set out into the world with no one there to help him unless there was no other way.

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PostSubject: Re: Sallvane Hasting ( not finished )   Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:05 pm

*Bump* It's been a while since we have seen you on, this app has been at work for almost a month so we are checking up on you

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Sallvane Hasting ( not finished )
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