A World Placed In Chaos By The Holy Order, Will You Stand And Fight For Your World? Or Will You Join The Order
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 The Plot/Story Line

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PostSubject: The Plot/Story Line   Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:16 pm


The once beautiful land of Inis’Mona is in a state of war. The Holy Order Seeks Peace through one ruler, they wish for there to be no more war or violence. Their way of peace through total domination has provoked rebellions.

Elemental Guardians

Powerful creatures with the ability to absorb whichever element they are in contact with allowing them to adapt and destroy their targets. No one is sure how they came to be. Some speculate that they may have been created by the excess magic from the war and it had converged itself into a weapon to destroy humanity. Their numbers were in the thousands and they appeared to be unkillable. Even when The Holy Order agreed to ally with the rebellion to destroy these creatures their seemed to be no stopping these creatures. It took three or more magi/warriors to take down one Elemental Guardian. As the battle raged on, hope of winning became little. Until new warriors arrived from the sea one warrior with the ability to take on two Elemental Guardians. The battle was won over night with the help of these warriors who disappeared as quickly as they had arrived....

The Holy Order

Lucifer Cross

The founder of The Holy Order, Lucifer Cross, once praised as the protector of man. He created The Holy Order as way to help destroy the evil in the world, to bring peace. He began the battle so suddenly Darkness Falls became his instantly as well as most of the surrounding area. He began the war saying "I wish to rid the world of evil and bring peace, but with such corrupt rulers and politics we live a lie if we claim we are at peace. I wish to free the world from this lie, I wish to bring true peace to humanity"

Nathaniel Cross

Lucifer's eldest son. People hoped that with Lucifer dead Nathaniel would end this war. They were wrong he did quite the opposite he changed tactics from peaceful overtaking and removing threats to total domination, installing The Fountain of Pain and executing anyone who even said that the war was wrong, he made examples of anyone and everyone he could ruling with everyone in fear of him. However resitance still rose up and battled to stop Nate. Kyoshi fell to The Order none the less. When Kyoshi fell people fled to Tsun City to safety. The warriors of Tsun City and Somber'lai worked together to keep these two capitals safe from The Holy Orders grasp.

- "It is better to be Feared than Loved" - Nathaniel Cross

Johnathan Cross

"I will continue the work of my father and my brother, we will provail, peace will be obtained" John ending words at his older brother's funeral. Nathaniel had fallen to illness and John who was almost 18 years younger than his brother took command at the age of 26. John was responsible for the fall of Tsun city. Using explosive magic John levelled an entire chunk of the city to bring in a large number of troops to overwhelm the rebellion. He later turned the city into a prison since it was already a massive fortress. Following the fall of Tsun City, the Skylands and the Dragon Slayers fell to The Holy Order Riders, a new faction created by John to turn such a powerful threat into an ally. During his reign, the Elemental Guardians had made themselves known with the attempts to destroy all human since they were the cause for all the destruction on the earth...

Mika Cross

Swift, Wise and strong leader, She was born into ruling over The Holy Order her father never managing to create a son. Mika took the throne after her Father died, she was more than ready, and after years of corrupted leaders she is now correcting trying to correct it all. She enlisted her own personal Council and even made relieve programs to help those suffering from the war. However she would not stop they had already come so far, to stop now would bring reprecussions on herself and others that would cause more battles. She had to see this through.

- "I can not change how everyone veiws this war for peace. I do not expect everyone to understand why we are doing this. I do apologize on my grandfathers behalf. The cruelty my father and uncle put in place was never the intention no matter how effective. We seek peace nothing else, we wish for unity...With one leader all will live as one, no war no suffering…But as long as there is rebellion to this plan, true peace will never be reach" - Mika Cross


Not seen since the Elemental Guardian uprising this group of people are highly trained to hunt and kill magi. There city under the protection on themselves, The Holy Order never once tried to cause trouble with the domain of Cessation. There life was nothing but peace they never interferred with the war never mention it they just ignored it as magi and warriors killed eachother.

- "We have stood by long enough only ever stepping in to return balance. Hitsuzan, I have trained you as my own child. You will lead these warriors to stop the war by any means. To challenge Fate, is to ask for death" - Master Unmei

With that Hitsuzan Unmei took some of the Transcendants and has now entered to the battle field to live out his master's wishes. The Transcendants would win this war, bring peace and unity to the land and restore balance through the power of the body, mind and spirit. Not vile magic.
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The Plot/Story Line
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